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Are Your Digital Marketing Assets At Full Strength in 2020?


They can be if you know what to expect…

Whether you’re a B2B (Business-to-Business) or B2C (Business-to-Consumer) you should expect real business results from your marketing initiatives, results that will positively impact your bottom-line.

Knowing that you’re marketing investments are operating at full strength and in alignment with your business goals is priority #1

Your business needs an online presence that fortifies the pillars and promises of your business.

With so much competition, so much content, and so much noise, no product or service is going to sell itself.

Building an effective pipeline requires cooperative efforts between marketing and sales.

Why pay $100K plus for a full-time marketing executive when you can hire us for a fraction of the cost and scale your efforts effectively.

Today’s sales professionals are working on the activities that used to “belong” to marketing, such as sourcing email addresses, prospecting new leads, emailing prospects, and leveraging social media. In this new environment, marketing has a new job.

To be successful, we must influence and guide your revenue contributors on how to create relevance for each customer, not just execute campaigns.

I have been creating sustainable economic opportunities via marketing & sales better practices since 2004. Experience time-tested, peer-recognized expertise for yourself.



Look around, you’ll find others who have struggled with similar challenges as you are having and how I helped them. Let’s discuss your interests for better marketing practices. Click on the “Book a Meeting” button found throughout the website to schedule a 30-minute complimentary conversation to explore the possibilities.


Reputation That Exceeds Expectation

Richard is very generous with his time and talent, contributing to the efforts of Nevada County Tech Connection. As the co-chair of the marketing team, he took us through an exhaustive "positioning statement" exercise. He is guiding us through SEO exercises and best practices as we speak. Richard takes the initiative to get to know community members, share his knowledge and spread the word through his signature "influencer marketing" strategies.
Shavati Karki-Pearl | Nevada County Tech Connection
Richard's helped me on a couple initiatives in the past, and did a fantastic job of educating my team on relationship building benefits of social media, and how to tie social into our marketing plan to positively impact our customer experience and revenues. He often stresses the importance of creating value before extracting any value from networks, and this is very true. His guidance has helped us improve our marketing and business decisions, and look forward to working with him again!
Benjamin Liu | HireRight
Richard has consistently demonstrated his commitment to guarantee his customer’s success. He is always willing to invest the time and introduce us to resources necessary to ensure that my teams’ projects are completed on time and within budget. Richard’s creativity, innovation, and dedication to help resolve business issues is truly exemplary of his “Can Do” attitude, knowledge, and experience.
Fred Custodio | Toshiba
Richard was referred to me by one of my most trusted clients. When we first met, we discussed how his skill set could benefit my new business venture. He immediately illustrated the value in how we could reach out and begin to build new relationships at the same time leverage my existing relationships. He provides fresh insights into my business via optimal online marketing better practices. And he continues to educate me on how my business can improve its bottom line.
Jack Finnell | Growth Accelerators, LLC
Richard has built from scratch an audience for our new cybersecurity service offering. His ability to make contacts on social media and introduce our key messages into the most promising online groups has been invaluable. Richard brings the skills, patience, and persistence needed to help bring new products to market.
Steve Harari | R&B Communications
Good meeting, Richard. You have something no one else offers, can't wait to learn more.
Dr. Betty Uribe | California Bank & Trust