Hi, I’m Richard Sink, Founder and Principal of Critical Connections and Board Member at Advanced Marketers Institute. I’ve spent the majority of my career in a sales role and always believed that my job was to solve customers’ problems. I expanded into a marketing role because I could build deeper, more meaningful relationships with my customers that make a positive impact to their bottom-line.

That’s why I created Critical Connections, a Marketing and Technology Consultancy, to maximize the output value of my clients’ existing and new marketing assets. In May of 2004, as a sales professional who struggled with stale leads and ineffective outbound tactics, I set out to explore and experiment with new communications channels such as LinkedIn.

Since then, the purpose for Critical Connections has evolved into a highly influential sales & marketing consulting service.

Recognitions include:

  • MADcon USA 2020 Top 100 Marketing and Advertising Leaders Nominee
  • Mentors Guild Top Business Development Experts
  • #18 on Top 50 Social Business Twitter Accounts Globally
  • Top 1% Worldwide SlideShare
  • Top 1% Worldwide LinkedIn

And I have built an established network of qualified professionals to assist if and when needed.

We create demand for your business via thoughtful, meaningful, time-tested expertise and fresh ideas that are shared by word-of-mouth. And enhanced by influencer outreach, organic SEO, data analysis, AI-powered marketing and earned media that will drive anticipated results and minimize false-starts.




We value our clients as a source of distributed intelligence that inspires us to be intensely curious about new possibilities. We want to know about their motivations, intentions, hopes and dreams.

Our marketing better practices are delivered in several ways. The differences are in the type of project for which assistance is needed, the frequency and duration of the engagement, and whether it will be required to work on-site or off-site.

1. By Project — We can be retained to help you work on a specific event or project. The duration is based on the engagement, ranging from a few months or longer.

2. On-Demand — We will work with you (and your staff) as-needed based on a scope of work.

Our strategies ensure your business is connected to your specific goals including objectives, initiatives, resources, planning and execution.

Working together involves various stages and is a collaborative effort that takes into account where your business is in the sales and marketing alignment development cycle.


My Promise to You

Is that I never use “fake” news, stats, people or content to influence outcomes.

I adhere to fair and transparent practices―always have and always will.