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If today were to be the last day of your career, would you feel that you made a positive influence on those who came across your work?

To cut through the noise, we need to focus on the people in our marketplace and their needs.

This approach enables each of us the privilege of mentoring others in ways that can make a difference.


Marketing in Uncertain Times: How to Be Creative and Adaptable

Learn how to be creative and adaptable in the ever-changing world of marketing.

Customers Are Drawn to Brands That Deliver

Customers are drawn to brands that deliver on their needs.

How to Implement a Video Marketing Strategy

An interview with Don Sadler on implementing a video strategy.

Using What’s Available, When It’s Available

Where can you find the signals for improving your business?

How to Convert Mobile Daily Active Facebook Users into Leads and Sales

Is a Mobile-Ready Strategy Enough on Facebook?

Does Your Community Have a Purpose?

Engagement is the #1 challenge facing community managers.

The Positive Impact Polls Can Have

Polls and surveys can help you discover new insights about your industry.

It's Your Digital Reputation

LinkedIn is the trusted source for validating information and connecting with valued sources.

Set Your Business Up for Success

Driving awareness is all about connecting with the purpose of a business.

How to Find (or Be) a Great Mentor

How do you justify the time and attention spent working with someone else?

QR Codes: Why Your Business Should be Using Them

What Are Some Examples of How QR Codes Increase Customer Engagement?

What Distinguishes A Family Business?

Control and influence through a combination of ownership, management and governance.