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We believe that how you tell your stories is the biggest opportunity for your businesses to convert and build loyalty with your prospects & customers. So we wanted to give you an easier way to create and share your stories with video marketing content. Over the years, video production efforts have been costly and time-consuming ― no more. We make it easy and affordable for your business to leverage video marketing that drives audience engagement online.

Video Converts Better Than Other Content

Research [Demand Metric and Vidyard, 2018] based on a survey of 271 executives, the majority of whom are mostly or entirely B2B (50%) or a mixture of B2B and B2C (21%). Behind this migration to video is the finding that the majority of marketers (59%) believe that video converts better than other forms of content.

You are losing out on conversions from your website if you don’t have a video on your homepage. Businesses with a video on their homepage have seen up to 41% more traffic from search engines than businesses that don’t. [Source: @aberdeengroup & @HubSpot]

Video completion rates are also on the rise, these figures are a result of B2B buyers watching more video in their day-to-day activity. Additionally, consumers tend to find video more engaging than other forms of content.

Short On Resources?

EZ Share Videos takes it a step further to provide all the resources needed to produce share-worthy videos. We have a media library containing millions of copyright-free photos, videos, and audio tracks. This means that we have access to everything you need without having to record or purchase any digital assets externally.

You’ll find it more effective to create teasers of your blog posts rather than lengthier videos which go into more detail.

Video posts get at least 59% more engagement than other post types. [Source: BuzzSumo]

We’ve been impressed to see how others use this service in creative ways to start conversations about what they do and exchange ideas with one another.

Creating an EZ Share Video is the best way to take someone behind the scenes of a day in the life of your business, give us a look at an industry event, or share a project you’re excited to be working on. If you are doing outreach to prospects, or are in the process of closing a deal and want to follow-up with a video to recap what you discussed, make the video personalized to that person.

Need Help With Audience Outreach?

We assist our customers with targeted outreach that cuts through the noise and reaches them at the right times, on the right channels, at the right frequency.

When the Google Pixel team tested a full-funnel video marketing campaign in 2018, they had one big takeaway: Repetition does not spoil the prayer. In fact, quite the opposite. “Repeating the message is the best way to move an audience from awareness to action quickly,” explained Jabari Hearn, who led the Pixel campaign.

Get more value from your blog posts, listings, press releases, events and newsletters with EZ Share Videos.

Is this important to your business? The facts say it is.



The EZ Share Videos Two Step Process

Step One

How are we creating your videos?

    • From your ideas
    • Using a blog post
    • or copying and pasting text

We will ask you to rate in order of importance for this video marketing effort.

Brand Awareness ― this is the stage to create content that captures attention, showcases your brand, and drives the viewer’s curiosity.

Brand Consideration ― this is the mid-funnel stage, you want to drive home the point that you are a market leader and showcase more about why your solution is right for the customer.

Demand Generation ― here we’re thinking about converting viewers into leads. You can give more context and will want to drive them to act, such as sending them to a signup page.


Will you need support reaching your target markets?

Step Two

We will create your video content within 24 hours based on your requirements for visual, tone and sound elements. We will then send you the draft for any changes/approvals. You will have two (2) revision opportunities prior to final version.

Once you have approved the final version, we will render it in HD resolution and send it back to you via email as an MP4 file for you to share as you like. Two simple steps that will ensure we have produced the rich media experience that your customers and prospects will appreciate and share.

Should you have any questions or need additional clarification, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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