“Innovation isn’t a single event. It’s the byproduct of constant discovery” ―Jay Acunzo, Founder at Marketing Showrunners, Author & Keynote Speaker.

We’re living in uncertain times. Does that scare you as a marketer?

It shouldn’t ― in fact, it should inspire you. We learn a lot about ourselves, our drive, our business, through these times.

They teach us things, such as how to let go. How to move on. How to be creative and adaptable.

They allow us to measure our mental toughness and test our resilience.

If it weren’t for uncertain times, marketing (and the world in general) would be a little boring, wouldn’t it?

With that in mind, let’s learn (and share) how we can use these times to our advantage. Let’s find how to give our audience something they can count on. Let’s see what we need to do to stay at the forefront of our marketing campaigns.

Because the only constant is change.

Try Crowdsourcing

What better way to see what your target demographic needs or wants than by asking (the secret to online marketing success) them? That’s where crowdsourcing comes in.

Crowdsourcing in marketing is a method of polling the public and gathering collective intelligence.

First, figure out what you want to do with your mission. Next, consider your method of crowdsourcing—crowdfunding? Contests? Something new?

Outline clear goals and instructions and then let the audience do the rest. Think of your network as a “store” of distributed intelligence that can enable you.

Identify New Audiences for Existing Content

You don’t have to wave goodbye to your old audiences by gaining new ones.

How can you do this?

  • Develop a robust persona―being niche but not-too-niche that you’re being exclusive
  • Translate your CRM data into concrete information; use it to understand your customers, new and old
  • Take advantage of automation, which improves the reach of your marketing ads
  • Conduct surveys of your current audience
  • Show people how you deliver what they want
  • Research will set you free! Connect with influencers who work in real-world environments to source content ideas.

Let your new customers fill in the gaps without leaving your old ones behind.

Keep Up-To-Date With Marketing Trends

You need to stay on top of these uncertain times.

One way of doing this is by staying as up-to-date as possible with current marketing trends. This way, you know what’s working (and what’s not) and how you can tap into it.

Read newly published books. Subscribe to pages that offer new content on advertising campaigns, automation, and more. Build a strong network of fellow marketers and talk to them regularly.

Check Your Competition

Don’t forget to compare yourself to the competition.

If something is utterly failing for somebody within your market, then you’ll know to avoid it. “Learn from the mistakes of others” and all that! The other side of that is to see what’s working well for them and embody it.

There’s no shame in taking inspiration from others in your industry. If they’ve got a method to customer retention, astounding sales, and an adaptive image, take all the wisdom you can from their campaign.

Be Creative by Being Adaptable

Mindy Kaling talks about “watering down” content because you’re afraid of taking risks. Go full measure with creativity. Shut your laptop and escape to a movie or go for a hike. Start your day with stretching instead of scrolling. Rather than telling people what you do, tell people why you’re so AWESOME.

We’re often approaching our audiences wrong. We shouldn’t be asking “Can I have your attention?” but “May I have your trust?” ―Ann Handley, Head of Content at MarketingProfs

The only constant is the value in humor. Humor makes everything better, try adding some humor into your content marketing. Let that empower you to be creative by being flexible. Those that remain stagnant will get left behind―it’s up to you to break the mold.

Imagine today is the last day of your career. Have you made the impact you intended to make?

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