Videos are the new blogs and engagement is the only real measurement. Sometimes, you have to be willing to try a tactic that not many others are embracing, or dive into a category that isn’t even fully baked. For me most recently, this was video creation and marketing. While the medium is fairly prevalent, it’s still not anywhere near as widely tapped across businesses as it could and should be.

Video is taking over online marketing and the numbers don’t lie. Video content generates strong ROI with studies showing up to 10x more reach.

Which is why we have recently added a video/audio creation platform powered by Artificial Intelligence that offers you the world’s simplest and most engaging video experience. It’s so easy that all you do is supply us with your press release, link to a blog post or news article and we convert your content into an engaging rich media experience.

This service is designed for brands and businesses to produce video content at scale through powerful automation. These videos are perfect for engaging your online audience across Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest, and more.

Video content is crucial for our brand, and these changes allow LinkedIn’s professional community to more easily derive value from the content we are producing. Kaydee Bridges, Vice President, Digital & Social Media Strategy at Goldman Sachs.
Platforms like Google and Twitter also rank videos above other types of posts. You can view videos that we have created for others on our YouTube page

Let’s get into the considerations for choosing the optimal video experience for your goals.

For Brand Awareness
The key here is to not give everything away while still inspiring trust and confidence in your brand. Use this stage to create content that captures attention, showcases your brand, and drives the viewer’s curiosity.

Video length: Keep it short. Think in terms of leaving the viewer wanting to learn more.

Type of content: This is where you want to tell people about your brand. Share your mission, showcase talent, or provide thought leadership.

Objective: Organic reach, views, shares, and reactions.

For Brand Consideration
At this point, a potential lead is interested in your product and looking to learn more about you. For this mid-funnel stage, you want to drive home the point that you are a market leader and showcase more about why your solution is right for the customer.

Video length: You’ll need to provide more information. Make sure to establish your point early, within 5 seconds.

Type of content: Showcase more of what you do, where you are and who you are targeting. Consider including a case study or product launch or highlight a solution.

Objective: To drive website visits.

For Demand Generation
With demand generation videos, you’re thinking about converting viewers into leads. You can give more context and will want to drive them to act, such as sending them to a signup page.

Video length: Videos can be longer and more comprehensive, as people who stick with it are more likely to become a lead and share it with their friends.

Type of content: Give context that will make people want your product to create leads. An event promo or free trial are great options at this stage.

Objective: To collect leads.


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Personalize Your Business
Video offers a chance to humanize your business by adding a personal greeting and a call-to-action, showcasing your talent or company culture, highlighting relevant current events or holidays and using humor or personal stories.

Getting Started
You will select the content that you would like us to convert into a video format. Please keep posts to <200 words. If you have a lengthy article, we should use a summary post with a call-to-action on the last frame that directs interest to your site for the rest of the story.

If you would like to use specific images in any video, please submit them to us. Image specifications are:

– file types: jpg, png, bmp, webp

– maximum file size: 50 MB

– minimum resolution: 480px by 480px

Other Considerations
If you have your own video clips that you would like to add, please keep in mind that there is a 20 second limit on any video uploads.

Infographics do NOT render well. The less text on an image the better.

We have the option to upload your own logo and watermark. We also have access to a media library that offers thousands of commercially licensed audio tracks filtered by mood and genre. These themes range from angry, bright, calm, dark, dramatic, funky, happy, inspirational, romantic and sad.