Social Media Marketing

“The use of social media has increased in critical strategic activities, including building brands, customer acquisition, customer retention, product/service introductions, and customer service.” The CMO Survey – February 2019

Social media marketing continues to prove effective for businesses. In a recent survey of more than 1,800 marketing professionals from Buffer, online influencers have the most influence over purchase decision-making.

In the Bynder and OnBrand’s 2019 State of Branding Report they found that marketers are more reliant on social media than ever before. In fact, it’s the top tactic for influencing buyer behavior.

Recognized as a top online influencer since 2004 [#18 on Top 50 Social Business Twitter Accounts Globally, Top 1% Worldwide SlideShare and Top 1% Worldwide LinkedIn], I am uniquely qualified to optimize your social media efforts.


Any social media presence should always begin with an awareness of where your customers are actively engaging online and why. Or in other words: Go where your customers are.

It’s about creating as many touch points as possible with your online audience.

As a result, I’ve learned how to effectively influence behavior and shape opinions on social media channels.

I’m prepared to show you how to generate relevant web traffic, qualified leads, and revenue growth for your business.

I will work with you and/or your team to determine and manage the content types and platforms that work best. And build meaningful relationships with your audience through relevant and consistent interactions via social media.

“LinkedIn is no longer an online resume. It’s your digital reputation.” —Jill Rowley, Former Chief Growth Officer at Marketo

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Social Media is Now Real Business [Workshops]

  • 79% of Salespeople who use social media as a selling tool outperform their peers who don’t [Source:]. Social media for business is really so many things wrapped into one: marketing, customer service, public relations, crisis management, branding. So how do your prospective clients evaluate your business? With the wealth of information available online means that your prospects have more options to gain perspective on your business. And as a busy professional you have limited time to spend on social media. So we will focus on effective tactics that only require minutes per day. This multimedia workshop series is designed to broaden your exposure in the marketplace and to help you attract and engage in the right relationships with potential clients, even when they’re not looking for you. By attending these sessions, you will learn the; who, what, where, why and how to engage your decision-makers and decision-influencers through valuable interactions. This series will enable you to develop your own online strategy to maximize social media’s real value in today’s hectic business climate that will make a positive impact to your bottom-line. *Travel costs not included. Audiences of more than 25 can be accommodated upon request.
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